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Spearfishing Planet
One of the largest spearfishing communities on the web. Spearfishing Planet has a fun and entertaining group of guys with some very knowledgeable and experienced ones amongst them. Covers a wide range of topics and regional sections as well.

Spearfishing World
Spearfishing forum with large community, video, photos, news and more.

Deeper Blue
Large spearfishing and freediving forum, with articles, online marketplace, and more.

International Underwater Spearfishing Association
Association that certifies spearfishing world records, promote ethical, safe and sportsmanlike spearfishing practices.

The Blue Wild
Spearfishing seminar & expo in Dania Beach, Florida.

Greater Los Angeles Council of Divers
GLACD has been serving the diving community in Southern California for nearly 40 years, protecting divers interests through legislation, safety and training, conservation and competition. (Bulgaria)
Spearfishing and freediving resources, news, articles, photos and videos, forum.

PODVOH - Spearfisher Portal (Ukraine)
Spearfishing community. All about how to hunt fish. Underwater maps, GPS coordinates of spearfishing places. Russian language only.

Submerso - Pesca Submarina em Portugal
Portal de pesca submarina com muitas dicas, fóruns, chat, histórias, notícias, etc...

PESCASUBRJ (Rio De Janeiro, Brasil)
A spearfishing website from a group of friends in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. With informations about diving areas, equipment, fish, and also photos, video and wallpapers.

Spearfishing in South Africa
News and information about spearfishing in South Africa.

Underwater Fishing in South Africa
A site with an extensive gallery, news items and an up to date ranking system of the top competitive divers in South Africa.

Large virtual community of spearfishers, including the best spanish ones. Forum, images, video. La mejor comunidad de pescadores submarinos de España.

Mareaviva - Pesca submarina (Spain)
Apasionante portal para los amantes de la pesca submarina.

La Pesca Submarina (Spain)

Spearfishing Germany
Website and forum on spearfishing in Germany.

Caça Submarina e Apneia (Portugal)

GreekDivers.Com (Greece)

Freediving Institute (Greece)

Extreme Spearfishing (Australia)

DeeperDiving (Denmark)
The biggest Scandinavian webpage of spearfishing, with monthly competition and yearly competitions.

Spearfishing New Zealand
Keeps the official spearfishing records of NZ fish in 3 categories, Open, Women, Juniors, organises national and international competitions, and makes submissions to government in matters regarding Regulations and Fisheries, also has a newsletter.

SpearfishCafe (Turkey)
News, photos, videos and everything about spearfishing in Turkey.

Zipkin Avi (Turkey)
Freediving and spearfishing forums in Turkey.

HUZUR ÝÇÝNDE YAT OZAN YILDIRIM. A large spearfishing forum with photos, videos, articles and more.


 Latest Spearfishing Items

Category Title # Ad views Added Pic.
Equipment SPEARGEAR Speargun Holster 8514 11.30.Y Need a way to holster that speargun you carry around in case you spot some fish for dinner?  You kno
Freediving Gear Stealth Tactical blades 8878 11.13.Y Stealth Tactical blades are made from finest glass fibers and epoxy raisins in vacuum infusion - pro
Freediving Gear Mirage wet suit 8621 11.13.Y The newest SubCraft wet suit combines fantastic Lycra material with original and unique camouflage p
Charter Fishing Spearfishing Trips in Tobago, Southern Caribbean 9552 10.01.Y One of the best spearfishing charters in the Caribbean.  Choose between Blue Water Hunting or Coasta
Spearfishing Tournaments LAGUNA LEGACY TOURNAMENT - SEPT 11, 2010 - California 6384 08.26.Y The OC Spearos are hosting the Laguna Legacy Tournament on September 11, 2010 at Aliso Beach in Lagu
Freediving Gear SPEAROMANIA new on line store 9743 07.05.Y Freediving and spearfishing gear: spearguns, wetsuits,carbon blades, inflatable floats, bungees..
Spearfishing Tournaments 2010 New Orleans Aqua Aces Rodeo 7361 06.09.Y The 2010 Aqua Aces Rodeo will go on as planned, and be ready for a huge prize table that will be up
Charter Fishing BLUE WATER AND REEF HUNTING - PANAMA 7285 05.27.Y Blue Water and Reef Hunting in the Gulf of Chiriqui, Panama. Very affordable adventure of a lifetime
Spearguns Vintage Nemrod Falcon Mini Speargun - Sell/Trade 13643 05.24.Y Vintage 
Nemrod Falcon Mini Spear Gun with Shaft & Tip 
Gun Length: 18-1/4 inches 
Shaft Leng

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