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Spearguns | Online Stores

Recommended Online Stores:
Leisure Pro
Leisure Pro has one of the largest selections of freediving, scuba, and spearfishing gear at great prices. Shop Online in the comfort of your home and know that you're getting the best price around.

DiveSkin (Spiro's Custom Wetsuits)

Zeagle Systems, Inc.

Picasso America
Manufacturers of euro-style spearguns as well as many other spearfishing products and accessories.

Manufacturer of pneumatic and euro-style spearguns as well as other freediving gear.

Spearfishing Supplies by Ray Odor

OMER Spearfishing and Freediving Equipment

Riffe International
Jay Riffe, Julie Riffe, legendary speargun makers from California.

Seac America
Pro Dive Gear, Italian company with scuba, freediving, and snorkeling gear.

Rob Allen
Creator of the "railgun," Rob Allen guns are popular in Africa, and their reputation has spread around the world. Also manufactures popular freediving gear.

Wetsuits and Diving Gear.

Leader Fins
Professional handmade and fins for spearfishing and freediving.

Makers of euro style spearguns as well as many spearfishing accessories.

Manufacturer & supplier of Pure Carbon, fibre composite fins (blades) and a variety of other specialist spearfishing equipment.

20 Fathoms
Freediving and spearfishing gear, matrix blades, edge fins, wetsuits, videos and more.

BC Powerbands
Speargun bands, bungees, mono and crimps, float lines, decals and apparel, photo gallery.


HID Dive Lights
Magnalight sells a large variety of HID lights, including these popular dive lights.

Neptonic Systems

Manufactured from carbon fiber, C4 has a selection of freediving fins and spearguns.

Special Fins

European Spearfishing Supplies

FreeDivers (South Africa)
Specializes in freedive spearfishing guns and gear.

Max Holding Systems
Scuba tank racks and speargun holders.

Wetsuits for apnea and spearfishing.

Offshore Hunter
Waypoint management software.

Patco, Inc.
Manufactures and sells band guns as well as a small speargun powered by .22 caliber blanks. Also manufactures high quality underwater lights and other spearfishing accessories.

Dee's Diamond Flashers
The ultimate fish attractor. Extremely low drag--easy to use, Dee's Flashers catch fish--out-catch all other fishing flashers.

Immersion Dive Watches
Dive Watches from Immersion Diving Technology, Italy has various collection of dive computers for freedivers, scuba divers and spearos. It ranges from military purpose watches, to professional diving, to made for sea, to made for diving series of watches.

Seonel (Australia)
Distributor of Spearfishing and Freediving supplies.


 Latest Spearfishing Items

Category Title # Ad views Added Pic.
Equipment SPEARGEAR Speargun Holster 8514 11.30.Y Need a way to holster that speargun you carry around in case you spot some fish for dinner?  You kno
Freediving Gear Stealth Tactical blades 8878 11.13.Y Stealth Tactical blades are made from finest glass fibers and epoxy raisins in vacuum infusion - pro
Freediving Gear Mirage wet suit 8621 11.13.Y The newest SubCraft wet suit combines fantastic Lycra material with original and unique camouflage p
Charter Fishing Spearfishing Trips in Tobago, Southern Caribbean 9552 10.01.Y One of the best spearfishing charters in the Caribbean.  Choose between Blue Water Hunting or Coasta
Spearfishing Tournaments LAGUNA LEGACY TOURNAMENT - SEPT 11, 2010 - California 6384 08.26.Y The OC Spearos are hosting the Laguna Legacy Tournament on September 11, 2010 at Aliso Beach in Lagu
Freediving Gear SPEAROMANIA new on line store 9743 07.05.Y Freediving and spearfishing gear: spearguns, wetsuits,carbon blades, inflatable floats, bungees..
Spearfishing Tournaments 2010 New Orleans Aqua Aces Rodeo 7361 06.09.Y The 2010 Aqua Aces Rodeo will go on as planned, and be ready for a huge prize table that will be up
Charter Fishing BLUE WATER AND REEF HUNTING - PANAMA 7285 05.27.Y Blue Water and Reef Hunting in the Gulf of Chiriqui, Panama. Very affordable adventure of a lifetime
Spearguns Vintage Nemrod Falcon Mini Speargun - Sell/Trade 13643 05.24.Y Vintage 
Nemrod Falcon Mini Spear Gun with Shaft & Tip 
Gun Length: 18-1/4 inches 
Shaft Leng

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