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*Although the sport of freediving has many enthusiasts who do not spearfish, these sites have at least some part devoted to spearfishing.

Freedive List
A large community mailing list for freedivers.

Terry Maas's site, a legendary freediving spearfisher and author of the book Freedive!, sells books, video, has spearfishing articles, and screensavers.

Deeper Blue (Freediving Section)
Large spearfishing and freediving forum, with articles, online marketplace, and more.

World Wide Freediving Spots
Post your freediving spot or find details left by others about freediving spots around the world.

Freediving Spearfishing Forum
Freediving spearfishing forum is a discussion board for freedive spearfishing enthusiasts.

Florida Skin Divers Association
Founded in 1952, The Florida Skin Divers Association (FSDA) is a volunteer, non-profit coalition of Dive Clubs and individuals bound together by our common interest in sport, skin and scuba diving. The board works hard to promote diving and organize membership to protect their diving rights.

World of Freediving (Egypt)
World of Freediving is a freediving school based out of Dahab, Egypt; offering a full range of freediving courses and training options. WOFD also offers programs catering to the needs of Spearfishers, teaching diving skills that will improve bottom times and safety.

Apnea Magazine

Hawaii Skin Diver Magazine

Pescalo a Pulmon (Venezuela)

Bluworld (Italy)

Freedive Israel
The largest source for freediving information in Israel, training, technique, equipment, courses and more.

Hellas Freediving List (Greece)

Puerto Rico Freedivers
The home of Roberto Reyes, acclaimed freediver; also freediving classes, pictures, records, and a club in Puerto Rico.



*Sites Below are Solely Related to Freediving

Performance Freediving

Immersion Freediving

British Freediving Association

Canadian Association of Freediving and Apnea

Freediving Images

Freediving Philippines
Freediving Courses and Outdoor Adventures on a Tropical Island.


 Latest Spearfishing Items

Category Title # Ad views Added Pic.
Other Want to lease Red Snapper Allocation 1536 11.12.Y 786 Pounds
Other KELLER AQUATICS - BIG GAME POLE SPEAR 2431 11.05.Y KELLER AQUATICS spears are designed for maximum performance and durability to take huge fish in the
Spearfishing Clubs Re: Fishing Crews for Trawlers in Europe 3503 08.28.Y Our client, a leading Fishing Trawler Owning and Management Company in Europe urgently required expe
Spearfishing Clubs Re: Deck Hands (Freshers) 2599 08.28.Y Our client, a leading Tugs & Barge Operators in the Middle East urgently required Deck Hands for
Spearfishing Clubs Re: Wanted Cruise & Ferry Staff 1762 08.28.Y Our client, a leading Cruise & Ferry Operating and Management Company in Europe  urgently requir
Spearfishing Clubs Re: Wanted Crews for Bulk Carriers/Tankers/Trawlers 1859 08.28.Y Our client, a leading Ship Management Company urgently required the following crew-members to join t
Other Free diving classes in Tampa Bay 2125 08.19.Y I am looking for free diving classes in the St Pete Clearwater area. Please reply if you know of any
Other Looking for a spearfishing partner/Help Wanted 2840 06.17.Y Looking for a spearfishing partner, I have a commercial boat and Federal licenses. If you have exper
Equipment RUFFE Mid Handle N-No-Ka 55 inch mint speargun for sale 3154 06.09.Y Mint condition RIFFE with two spears - 3/8 is 60 and 5/16 x 60 with RIFFE heavy spear tip and RIFFE
Spearguns Omer Kanaloa Speargun 100cm, Costa Rica 3961 09.26.Y Omer Kanaloa Speargun 100cm
O.ME.R. is an Italian company and it is the largest producer of freediv

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